Storytelling or a skill of telling good stories
Have you ever wondered who comes up with ads we like to quote? Who thinks up stories that stay with us? 
McCann Belgrade decided to add another client to the long list of long-term clients – McCann Belgrade. Recently, on the city light panels placed at the Terazije Square, unusual ads that capture passerby’s attention appeared. In the style of vintage books, written in stylized font, these panels tell stories of some of the most famous ads created and implemented by the McCann Belgrade. This is how we got to know how popular “The Best Man” ad for Lav beer, campaign for rebranding of the mts company or unforgettable “You can” series for Raiffeisen bank, were made. 
This campaign is a part of the McCann Belgrade’s intention to bring the essence of creative process in advertising closer, or more precisely shed light on “storytelling” which could be defined as a skill of telling good stories. What creatives know for a fact is that regardless of the product, service or brand, at the heart of every successful communication there is always a good story. The most important thing for storytellers is to know what they are talking about. The story has to touch people, evoke emotions, provide vivid images, interesting characters, exciting plot and, of course, ending. In less than two decades, local advertising has made a shift from products to logos, and then from logos to stories, from brand image to story of a brand. Today, we require of brands to resonate with us, to win us over, tell us stories with which to fulfill our expectations and be in line with our worldview. After all, a good story is not only entertaining, but quite often influences our decisions, attitudes and actions on the subconscious level.  
Thus, if you go for a walk down Belgrade’s Terazije, take a moment and read these unusual ads, which do not call upon you to buy or do something, but simply enjoy the fun story! 
Story about a godfather
“Once upon a time, there was a man who often got invited to be best man at weddings.  He was not doing well financially, so once he bought a TV set as a present for the newly-weds. 
Nice and practical, no doubt about it, but let’s be honest, everyone expected more from him. 
In order to make an impression, the best man decided on spot to present the newly-weds with his car, even though he was not planning to give it away. 
According to the story, he returned home on foot...
The rest is history :)“
And we used it to make an ad for our favorite lion.