I&F McCann Grupa winner of the Jugoslav drama theatre recognition
April 9, 2015
“Taxi Drama” at the final of the New York Advertising Festival
May 13, 2015

Another McCann Steamboating dedicated to students held ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE IS NOT AN ACCOUNTANT

As a part of a collaborative project between Cultural Institution Parobrod (Steamboat) and creative agency McCann Belgrade, yet another McCann Steamboating session called “Open day for students” was held.

In order to finally demystify the position of “Account Executive”  and shed light on marketing agency system to future colleagues, this time “Open day for students” focused on Agency’s business sector i.e., “Client service” department. Professionals who shared what they know best were Maja Nadeždić and Đorđe Milidžan, Directors of the Client Service department of the McCann Agency Belgrade. Over the course of more than one decade, Maja and Đorđe have gained considerable experience working with largest global and local clients, such as The Coca-Cola Company, Carlsberg, mt:s, Nestle, Carnex, L’Oreal, Raiffeisen Bank, Delhaize Serbia and many others.
Jelena Lešević and Uroš Urošević assisted in explaining what Account Executives and the Client service department do. They are both very young, have relevant experience in leading big projects, such as Telekom Serbia re-branding or successful “You can” Raiffeisen Bank campaign. “I am pleased to be able to share my experience as Account Executive with students, illustrate aspects of my work that I find inspiring and that motivate me to further develop as a person and professional”, said Jelena Lešević, Account Director at the McCann Belgrade Agency. She further added: “University is by all means an important first step in establishing a career and so-called soul-searching, defining what one wishes to become, both in professional and private life. Still, until one fully ‘feels’ what it means to be an Account Executive, until they ‘dip their toes’, the notion of everyday workload is vague. Experience creates an authentic passion to improve each day, to learn more and go further.”

Her colleague Uroš Urošević, also Account Director, pointed out that taking part in creating brands, motivating creative team to come up with new ideas, persuading clients to allow ideas to be implemented etc. are what makes the job of Account Executive. “Constant market orientation to offer something new and different makes our job interesting and dynamic. This is not simple, but it’s very exciting! The opportunity to transfer experience to young people is also not simple, but it’s equally exciting. It is encouraging that there are so many young individuals who understand the importance of brand communication and pay attention to each segment of communication preparation. To me, this is a sign that advertising industry in Serbia will welcome an even better generation of creators”, concluded Uroš.
First, students attended an interesting lecture, which was then followed by practical workshop.
”Participation in workshops was a great opportunity to learn and show hands-on the way we think and make sense of certain things in real-life business environment. More precisely, I learned that presentation of certain situation is not a matter of knowledge, but rather state of things.”, claims Bojana Andrić, senior Tourism Management student at the Faculty of Economy in Belgrade, and adds that for her this event presents a chance to practically implement things she learned at the Faculty. Bojana’s colleague Uroš Krljić, Business student at the Megatrend University, agrees with her: “Today, life dynamic is very fast, and it is hard to find time, partly because of studies, and partly because of work. Lecturers from McCann gave us quite valuable pieces of advice”.

Students majoring in Communication were able to sign up for McCann Belgrade training program that has become almost like a tradition. During the fall, another “Open day” is planned, although this time it will be dedicated to art students who are looking into creative careers within advertising industry.