May 14, 2013
August 13, 2013


Are you prepared for…everything?

The opening of the first real outlet center in Serbia was something that had been the subject of numerous discussions.

We knew therefore that our campaigns have to provoke even greater attention!

The first campaign had a clear idea: At the Fashion Park Indjija you can get dressed from head to toe.

So, you don’t need your old clothes any more. Discard it! Yes, everything!

The characters in our commercials therefore decided to go shopping there stark naked! The amusing series of “nude” advertisements and commercials soon became a hit in the media.

For the season of special sales, we advised our customers, especially the girls, to get ready – because they are about to face a real battle for the most affordable pieces of clothing. That’s why our female characters are true beauties, well equipped for the shopping combat and ready for anything!
So, are you ready for the new shopping adventure?
We can hardly  wait!