January 13, 2016
February 1, 2016


How come some ideas are better, more innovative and more creative than the others?

How do you recognize “the right one” in the “sea” of ideas? And maybe the most important – which tools do we use to find  the right one?

Those who work in the creative department are facing these questions on daily bases. It seems like rejecting the most original and innovative ideas became some kind of rule. But, if we observe some of the most creative solutions, we can see that these unique creative ideas share a certain thinking pattern. It’s the pattern that helps those who create to think outside the box and sets them up for creating the winning ideas that draw the public attention and win awards at festivals.

Aiming for creative solutions that can bring results on international level and have big success on international festivals is the goal that McCann agencies are dedicated to. Therefore, the next step to improve creative way of thinking must be investing in this kind of education. Creative department in McCann which operate within I&F McCann Group in Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, BIH, Montenegro and Albania have started the year 2016. by attending the creative education seminar lead by Ravid Kuperberg. Ravid is one of the partners in Israeli company “Mindscapes”, specialized in improving creative processes and work methods in advertising.   Through interesting lectures and workshops, the new creative “tools” had been introduced to creative department of McCann, with sole purpose of systematically improving their creative thinking pattern, and becoming familiar with distinct ways of achieving creatives products with higher quality, respecting the latest trends and tendencies in advertising.

„Working on some old briefs that we have already worked on was the most interesting. It was fun to see in how many different ways we can approach the given task.” – was the strongest impression for Rade Šaptović, Associate Creative Director within McCann agency Belgrade and he adds: “The *tools* that we ran through on these lectures make you think about the patterns that you can use to resolve any brief that comes your way.”

Bojan Babić, Associate Creative Director in McCann Belgrade also participated in these workshops. His opinion is that the systematic approach and use of the creative “tools” has a practical use in everyday office work. “It is important that we remain consistent through brainstorming. At the beginning it may seem that it complicates and slows down the process, but in the long run, it will surely speed it up, and make it easier.”

Creativity might not be the thing that can be learned, but it most certainly can be “trained” and improved. When we have a clear line and method of thinking, meaning tools, then it is easier for us to move forward and straight up to the best creative results.

Ravid Kupeberg had the chance to cooperate and exchange experiences with many creative people in our region: “I am impressed and excited with the amount of creativity in these countries. I hope that the clients will recognize this kind of creative potential, and that we will be able to see more effective results as well as the approval in form of Cannes awards.”
Along with the two Cannes Lions, McCann agencies that operate within I&F McCann Group have won over 400 awards on international, regional and local festivals. This creative education will most certainly help in finding the way to more “prize winning ideas”.

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